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Sell an Old Barn, Removal & Salvage, Nationwide
You want to sell your old barn. It can take many weeks to work through the process of listing it for sale, showing it to serious buyers and moving it on to its next life.

Most standing farm buildings are valued in the $300 to $3,000 range for salvage rights. Anyone contacting you is expecting this price range, unless you specify more in your listing. We are not listing barns over $5,000 at this time.

List your old farm building for 60 days, Free. (take down or tear down)

Here is the information we need:

what size building?
what color? (weathered gray, faded red, faded white)
where is it located?
made of oak or pine or?
photos to email?
your name and a contact telephone number.
ohio barn for sale
Email this info to: david@oldbarnwoodsite.com

Old Barn Wood GLC
1911 Draper St- office
Baraboo, WI 53913

Your listing may expire after 60 days.
(up to 5 mo free at this time)

Want to dismantle it yourself? (Click Here)

"I sold it! Please remove the Ad. Thank you." Scott, IL
"Thanks for listing ... Amazing how many calls we got. It sold today, please remove." Dan, Kansas
"Thank you .... sold to a couple that is going to build their new home with it.... proud to have it remain in Vermont." Esther
We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, content, or outcome of any posting. Buyers and sellers are entering into any transaction at their own risk. Please use caution and common sense when using our site. Submitted Ads may be edited. Free Ads are not for commercial advertising.
We are available by appointment. Please call if you wish to visit.
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Barn photo
Indiana barn
barn photo
barn CT